I am in the process of evaluating ZenWorks Linux management, We
currently have a mix of servers with the majority being Redhat
Enterprise Linux. I am currently attempting to setup the zlmmirror
utility to mirror the rhn so that we can use that as a channel however
I am consistently getting the following :

zlmmirror mirror -c rhel-3as-i386.xml --dryrun --verbose
ZENworks Linux Management Mirror (zlmmirror) 7.0.0
Copyright 2005, Novell, Inc. All rights reserved.

* Opening configuration file "rhel-3as-i386.xml"
* Connecting to the remote server: "https://rhn.redhat.com"
Error: Received invalid XML data from URL "https://rhn.redhat.com".
(org.jdom.input.JDOMParseException: Error on line 29: The element type
"META" must be terminated by the matching end-tag "</META>".)

In my xml configuration file I have the following :


The server that its running on is SuSe Enterprise Linux 9. Any advice
would be great.