I try to mirror SUSE 10.1.

It uses rug already.
I activated online updates through yast. I may update my SUSE 10.1
workstation from http://ftp.kreonet.re.kr/pub/Linux/suse/update/10.1/.

adplaptop:~ # rug sl
Waking up ZMD...Done

# | Status | Type | Name | URI
1 | Active | ZYPP | SUSE-Linux-10.1-Updates | http://ftp.kreonet.re.kr/pub/Li...

I see service type "ZYPP"!
What does it mean? I know "ZLM", "RCE", "YAST" and "RHN" only!

But Online activation created /etc/zmd/deviceid and /etc/zmd/secret files.
I try to zlmmirror server-list-catalogs with URL above and ZLM (with
deviceid and secret as username and password) and YAST types.

Both are not working.

Catalog List from SUSE 10.1 workstation:


adplaptop:~ # rug ca
Waking up ZMD...Done

Sub'd? | Name | Service
Yes | SUSE-Linux-10.1-Updates | SUSE-Linux-10.1-Updates


Are there any patches for ZLM 7 to support mirroring of service type ZYPP?