A few years ago I did alot of testing for an upgrade from our current Zen
for Desktops 2.0 to move to 4.0. At that time our IT department decided that
they were not going to update the schema for Zen 4.0. So I dropped the
project and testing. Now they have changed their minds about upgrading the
schema and from what I understand, already have updated it for 7.0.
My delima is I have not kept up on the recent releases of ZFD 6.0, 6.5 and
7.0 I really have no familiarity with. From what I recall reading about 6
and 6.5 was basically just added support for Linux? I'm not sure about that
though? So at this point my boss really wants to get this project rolling
again now that the NDS tree is ready. I'm not sure that I shouldn't just
pickup where I left off with 4.0 and install it or should I scrap the whole
thing and start testing 7.0? What are the benefits of 7.0?

We current use
Netware OES SP4
Clients are WinXP SP2
Zenworks Use:
Application management
Application/patch installation