We use IBM servers as our default hardware platform for Redhat and
SuSe. Unfortunatly the cards used in these servers for storage have no
native linux driver support and the vendor supplied drivers are
compiled for specific kernel revisions. That has given us a whole range
of headaches as we have started to trial the Zenworks Linux management
software. There are several issues that we are trying to resolve which
is difficult given the documentation appears to not really answer these
questions. They are specifically for Redhat and SuSe servers. When we
mirror the configuration of RHN down to our Zenworks server the default
channels will automatically include the kernel images. That means when
we mirror down the latest updates and we have red carpet (rug) as the
client doing the update the kernel images will be installed, if the
system reboots it will come up with kernel tainted errors leaving the
system in a hung state often.
What I am trying to figure out is how can i setup package skip lists on
the client side, If I cannot do it on the client side we will have to
script the removal of the kernel packages from the catalogs and bundles
to ensure that we do not have any increased support work which in
theory is the whole reason why we are attempting to trial the ZenWorks

Does anyone have any sugestions or best pratice information on how to
overcome these issues?
I am also interested to know if Novel have any support contacts where
large corporates trialing their software can get in contact with them
to discuss issues and potential ways to improve the software (like many
other companies allow these days).

Any further information would be greatly appreciated.