Alright another quick question for you all. I have now been able to add a
SLED 10 workstation into zenworks but when I try and apply policies to this
device nothing happens, or at least nothing that I can see. The workstation
is running ZMD and "rug sl" returns the appropiate server and says a
Zenworks service has been added. When I am in the Zenworks web utility and
I look at my SLED 10 device it says "Unable to connect through IP Address
or Host Name". The ip address and host name are both correct and I was at
one point able to have zmd add the workstation to the ZLM device database.
I'm not getting any errors from either the workstation or the server so I'm
a little lost as to where I should be looking for answers. If you have any
help I would really appreciate it. Thanks

Andrew McCabe