I have ZLM7 ir1 running with zlmmirror getting the upgrades. I have added
support for SLED10, and it is getting files every night (when there are
any). If I install a new WS and connect to my ZLM7 server, I get lots of
updates compared to what's in the installation.

Now to my problem. The kernel version in an upgraded SLED10 is

gunnar@pooh:~> uname -r

But on one machine that I upgrade directly to Novell I get:
gunnar@linus:~> uname -r

OK This is a SMP kernel but I thought that kernels were released at the same
time for the same patch level i.e. I should have a
on my update server. But my machines updating to my internal server says
that there are no updates:

pooh:~ # rug lu
No updates are available.

I checked in the logs (zlmmirror.log) and there haven't been any file
updates for the last week. I even ran an extra mirror session this
afternoon with the same result.