Is there anyone here having this working? The problem is, when you install
your ZLM7 you also get an option to create client installation ISO's. There
is a choice for OES, so that's the way I go. When I try to install this
client on an OES server I get an error saying that OES is not a supported
OS?!!! But anyway it is possible to install the client with -a on the
commandline. So far so good the client installs in /opt/novell/zenworks
with a "rug" that knows of bundles and and all the other ne features.

But, 2006-08-12 (8th September for you not used to the way we i Sweden
writes dates:) Novell sent out a mail claiming

"Novell*has*released*an*update*to*RCD,*the *patching*mechanism*for*OES*Linux.*This*is* YOU*Patchfile*11147.**You*should*install*th is*patch*and*reboot*your*server*prior*to*i nstalling*any*patches*from*the*channel.*The *updates*contained*in*this*patch*simplify*th e*OES*patch*process*when*installing*patches *using*Red*Carpet*or*rug.*This*patch*includ es*the*following*fixes:

-*No*longer*requires*downloading*all*patches *in*the*channel*(1.4*GB).*
-*Identifies*which*patches*are*already*instal led.
-*Displays*the*patch*type*such*as*security, *optional,*etc.*
-*Improves*filtering*of*the*current*patches* in*the*channel*and*displays*only*patches*th at*are*not*installed.
-*Removes*dependency*on*the**scrip t*when*patching*from*OES*SP1*to*OES*SP2*o r*later.*You*no*longer*need*to*run*the*sc ript*file*,*if*this*patch*is *installed.*

This*patch*replaces*the*previous*RCD*patches :*YOU*patchfile*10810*and*11016.

Note:*this*patch*contains*one*minor*problem, *the*install*status*bar*may*go*over*100%* complete**while*downloading*patches*(such*as *114%).**This*will*be*fixed*in*a*future* patch*

For*details*on*this*patch,*please*refer*to *TID:*3739116


This patcch installs among other things rug-2.4.9-1.11 in /usr/bin, and this
rug is not aware of bundles, nor has it the possibility to connect to my

And the zlm-client installation runs "zmd-bin" while the patch-11147 runs

A bit confusing it all seems to me. Does anyone have any clues. My swedish
Novell partner doesn't have any.

Gunnar Flygt
Sveriges Radio