Hello all,

interesting if somebody can answer this ...

When we did our zlm installation we built it on two sles 9 server with a
primary and a secondary zlm server.
Using the cluster software heartbeat we added a virtual ip address to that
cluster and registered all devices to that address. That address ir
normally at the primary server active.

When now the primary crashes the cluster switches the ip to the secondary
and the zlm clients still get their bundles.

That's what we thought would be okay.

Then we expected that when the primary has gone and you try to do some
modifications (new bundle, add some rpm's ...) on the secondary you get the
message that this con only be done at the primary !!!

So what do I need a secondary for when he cannot act as a failover for the
primary ? I know for load balancing if you have a lot of devices, but has
so much of them ?

So the question:

If you have to have a high available zlm installation (you still can
administer) placed on two data centers, you need the primary server and how
do you build that ?