deploying the sles-9-i586-sp3 bundle group mirrored from failed on some machines because of network problems. So I got 12 Servers and 95 patch packages with error messages to acknowledge. With server messages, I can select multiple servers and select "Message cleanup..." from the Actions menu. Nice. Unfortunately there's no such menu item for bundles. Am I supposed to click my way through each and every bundle and acknowledge those messages in order to get a clean home view in zcc again? Any ideas?


btw. there's no "zlman bundle-ack" option either. And why do all those messages end up in both servers/workstations *and* bundles as COPIES (as opposed to links)? After I confirmed the message on the server object, I do not need another reminder on the patch object (or vice versa) just to waste my time. I would've left the server message unconfirmed if I wanted that!