Hi all,

I'm new to ZLM, so apologies if I'm missing something simple...

I am trying to use ZLM as to mirror the OES channel to a local server to
update our OES servers.

I have succesfully mirrored the channel using zlmmirror.

However, I am unclear how to configure my OES clients to use the mirrored

I have installed the ZLM client on the servers, and registered with the
ZLM server using rug sa.

rug sl show me:

# | Status | Type | Name | URI
1 | Active | ZENworks | ZENworks Linux Management |

So it looks like I'm connected properly.

However, when I do a rug ca to list available catalogs, it tells me there
are no available catalogs, even after I have run a rug ref to refresh
channel data.

So I am unable to subscribe to the channel I have mirrored, and hence
cannot patch my servers.

What am I missing? Any ideas?

Many thanks