Hi all,

A follow up on my previous post really.

I was able with Rainer's help to mirror and install oes patches using zlm.

Having returned after Christmas, I ran zlmmirror again, and there are
a number of new patches. After mirroring the patches again, I tried to
install them on my OES servers.

First I tried rug bin oes-bundle - this then said 'preparing bundles' and
hung at 33%.

I next tried rug bup oes-bundle, this had exactly the same result.

Finally I tried rug up, which worked perfectly, and my patches are happily

So my first question is, why did rug bup hang at 33%? I can't really see
anything useful in the logs, and running with the --debug switch did not
generate any extra output.

My second question is (in the absence of any in depth documentation on
these), what are the differences between these commands, and when should
you use them?

I would have thought that the rug bup command would be the one to use if
you wish to only install patches in a given bundle, whereas rug up will
install all available patches in all associated bundles?

Have I got that right? Or should you only ever use rug up (as Rainer
suggested in my last posting)?