Hi all,

I've just come across a bit of an annoyance with ZLM and OES, and wondered
if anyone knows of a way around it (I suspect not though)

We have developed an AutoYast script to deploy OES servers, which installs
only the Base OS (no OES components) as we want to have control of
inserting the servers into eDirectory (this bit tends to be flaky in Yast
at the best of times).

The script also perform other functions by way of post scripts, such as
configuring NIC bonding, installing QLogic drivers, and installing the ZLM

The problem is that when you then come to install OES components, such as
eDirectory or NSS, you get an error during dependency checking stating
that the component 'OES Base' is missing - to proceed you need to install
it. When you allow Yast to install OES Base it installs three packages,
rcd, red-carpet and rug. i.e. it completely breaks the ZLM agent.

After this the ZLM agent is inoperational, and needs to be removed
manually (as the uninstall never works properly), and reinstalled.

Now this isn't the end of the world, as we can simply leave the ZLM Agent
installation out of the autoyast script and install it afterwards.

But it is very annoying!

Is there anyway around this? Or will I just have to live with it?