Hi guys,

I'm trying to install ZLM 7.2 - and have downloaded ZLM72_Server.iso.

When I run zlm-install I get this message:
Detected running ZMD version 7.1.1, but it is too old
Installing ZMD Stopping ZMD
There was an error installing zmd. Check the logs
failed to install zmd

However, I can't find any logs :(
(/var/log/zmd-* is the client logs only - no messages there,except that
the client is shut down).

I then tried ./zlm-upgrade --agent-only (it says it's too old - so why
not try this?)
I get this:
Successfully started Novell ZENworks Management Daemon
rug is required for the upgrade of zlm. Please install rug before
continuing with the installation.

Rug is installed - in version rug-

Any hints as to how I can get on with this?

I'm installing it for a client which have bought a license for this.. :(