I set up a mirror for SLED and initiated the mirror.
Mirroring continued most of the day until I hit an error
and now I cannot seem to get around it. Ther error is:

"Adding packages for target "sled-10-x86_64" to bundle
/zlmmirror/SLED10-Updates-bundle" Error: An error occurred while trying
to add a package to the bundle "/zlmmirror/SLED10-Updates-bundle".
(com.novell.zenworks.zlman.services.pkgmgt.admin.P ackageManagementFault=
{_Message=Couldnot recalculate machine updates; nested exception is:
com.novell.zenworks.datamodel.exceptions.InternalD ataModelException:
An error occurred while trying to create the object.,_Type=-1})"

1.) I'd like to delete the ZLMMirror folder, all packages and bundles and
start over. Can someone tell me how to do this?

2.) Also, once the mirror is set up and downloading is complete, is there
a way to automate this process so it will periodically pull down the
latest packages and bundles?