I have two ZLM servers, zlmA and zlmB, servicing two management zones. zlmA
receives it's updates from update.novll.com and zlmB receives it's updates
from zlmA. While mirroring zlmA to zlmB, I encountered a download error on
patch 11461, a security update for red carpet. Suspecting that bundle had
become corrupt, I removed it from zlmA via ZCC. I remirrored zlmA to
update.novell.com to refresh the bundles on that server. However, when it
encounters patch 11461 I receive the following error:

Error: An error occurred while trying to add the patch "patch-11461" to the
le "/oes/patch-11461".
(com.novell.zenworks.zlman.services.pkgmgt.admin.P ackageN
evratFault={detailMessage=[rpm name: red-carpet, existing hash:
e0e1dbf8a72052ffc97693e5, conflicting hash:

It doesn't appear that ZCC actually removed the bundle from zlmA. Using the
command "zlman bd patch-11461" said the object was successfully removed, but
I still get the above error. I didn't see where I could force an overwrite.
Any suggestions would be appreciated?

Todd R. Strauch
Systems Programmer III
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan