Hi guys,

I've setup zlmmirror with the url https://update.novell.com/data - and a
server-list-catalogs command shows that there's only SLES10 updates there :(

I have a lot of SLES9 machines - but I tried using the URL
https://you.novell.com/update/ - but it said it couldn't login, and if I
open it in my browser I just get an empty page.

The login I'm using, is what I got when following this guide:
(ie. after reg'ing the SLES10) - and the username I used, is to an
account where SLES9 is also one of the active products.

Any ideas why there's no SLES9-updates on the update.novell.com/data url
- or which url to use for SLES9-updates?

Thank you in advance