I'm trying to push out a single RPM bundle to a SLES 9 box w/ the latest
ZLM agent installed on the SLES 9 box. For some reason, it won't attempt
to install at the refresh time (i dont think). When I restart the ZLM box
it looks like it tries to push the package out, but I get this error:

Message Source: 467696c2953be1fe443811e5390f04b3 SERVERNAME ERROR: [5/8/07 12:44:15 PM] Loader.NCCModule

Novell.Zenworks.NCCModule.ERR_UNABLE_TO_UPDATE_DEV ICE Unable to update
information of device (1) to NCC for the following reason: (1)

We are running ZLM 7.2 on SLES 10.

Any ideas?