A catalog has two names. One is just name and is what you see in ZCC. The
other name is display name, and, from what I can gather, is the name
returned by the "rug ca" command. If display name is not set, then "rug ca"
just uses the name field.

Two questions. One, ZCC does not appear to give you the ability to edit
display name and attempting to alter the catalog.xml file for that catalog
breaks things (check sum?), i.e. rug refresh errors out. Is there a way to
edit the display name?

The original catalog was created by hand on one of my management zone
servers. It has a name of "xxx-xxx-xxx" and a display name of "xxx xxx
xxx". I'm using zlmmirror to mirror that catalog over to my second
management zone server. When I do that, the resulting catalog has a name of
"xxx-xxx-xxx" but no display name. My second question, is there a setting
in the zlmmirror configuration file that will set the display name for a
catalog being mirrored?

Todd R. Strauch
Systems Programmer III
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan