Hi All,

We're currently in the middle of deploying 80 OES servers in our
regional branch offices and patching them through a ZLM server based at
our HQ. Most of these sites are on slow WAN links (256K) which means
that patching is taking many hours (and slowing the WAN down for
everyone else).

What we would like to do would be to copy the patches from a patched
server to a CD/DVD/local install point which can then be passed around
the offices and copied onto the newly built servers saving considerable
time (and bandwidth). I've tried to copy the


directory from the patched server to the new server (after installing
the ZLM agent on the new server) though this still goes and downloads
all the patches over the WAN. Have I missed another directory that I'd
need to copy as well? Would I be better copying the whole of