Hi guys,

I have just installed zlm72 agent on 3 new SLES10 clients.

The minute I rug sa'd the zenworks server - updates were available for
it (I've set it to automatically add SLES10 clients to a given dir - and
this dir I have added to my SLES10-Updates-bundle).

It updated apache-2.2.0 to 2.2.0-21.2.

However, when I view the servers via the zenworks webinterface, it has
the package image, with a red exclamation sign on it.
The text says that the following (57) packages should be applied to it,
and the reason they are not, is that "Bundle not assigned".
However, the bundle they are a part of is: SLES10-Updates-bundle - which
is assigned to the folder they are in.

According to the info on the servers, the effective bundles are the
SLES10-Updates-bundle and my SLES10-Updates catalogue (containing the

Any ideas what goes wrong here? or where I can look to get a clue?