Hi all,

After installing SP1 rug changes Update server from
https://update.novell.com to https://nu.update.com.

rug sl shows "NU" server type.

If I type url "https://deviceid:secret@nu.novell.com" in browser, I may go

Activated SLES-10-SP1 server sees all updates.

But it seems zlmmirror 7.2 does not know about server type "NU" and
returns error.

Novell TID 3998128 says:

"https://update.novell.com/data This URL is used to update SLES 10, SLED
10, OES, ZLM 7X, NLD and other products. This is either an "NU" type or
an "RCE" type depending on what version of ZLM is being used."

Date of this TID is 2006-11-30.

Question: Does zlmmirror (from ZLM 7) understood server type "NU"?
Why zlmmirror 7.2 does not?