Just wondered if anyone had an opinion on the following cool solution:


It basically says that updating an OES server using the oes-bundle that
you get after mirroring the catalog from update.novell.com is not

This is how he do all of our servers, so I'm a bit concerned!

Here is the text of the cool solution:


The best (and only supported) way to update an Open Enterprise Linux Server is by OES patch bundles and not via the oes-bundle. Note: The OES catalog from update.novell.com should be mirrored.

You can update the patches on the OES managed devices in two ways:

Pushing the Updates from the ZENworks Linux Management Server to the OES Managed Device

1. Log into ZENworks Control Center.
2. Click Bundles.
3. Create a Bundle Group.
4. Associate all the patch bundles in the OES catalog except the oes-bundle to the Bundle Group.
5. Assign the Bundle Group to the OES managed device to be installed on a specific schedule.

Manually Installing Updates from the OES Client

1. Log into the ZENworks Control Center.
2. Click Bundles.
3. Go to the oes-catalog.
4. Remove the oes-bundle association from the OES catalog.
5. Remove patch-11032 from the OES catalog.
6. Associate the OES catalog to the OES managed device.
7. On the managed device, execute the 'rug refresh' command.
8. To install all the patches, execute the 'rug bin patch-*' command.