Just for your information, zlm 72 hot patch 3 has been released with a lot
of bug fixes ! Here is the bug fix list of it ...

Defects Fixed with this patch:

Hot Patch # 3 ZLM Client and Server

Bug 281162 - Error in ZCC on Hot list.
Bug 285761 - HP2 update client scripts must be part of the bundle.
Bug 286201 - zen-event-watcher does not stop when zmd is stopped.
Bug 286448 - CLI Rug command output has changed. Rug bp and Rug sl output
has changed
Bug 285753 - Rug proxy has no exception list.
Bug 281326 - Older OES Patches are downgrading installed packages.

Hot Patch #2
Bug 265251 - The command zlman queue-flush is not clearing the queue
Bug 248259 - ActionManager errors can be seen in the zmd-messages.log
Bug 263029 - ZLM 7.2 Client shuts down un expectantly
Bug 269964 - Older OES Patches are downgrading installed packages
Bug 269980 - Installing OES patch bundles require too much hard disk space
Bug 269972 - zlmmirror --version is out of date.
Bug 249560 - zlmmirror names bundle incorrectly.
Bug 263675 - zen-event-watch is leaving defunct sh processes
Bug 264078 - Need Dell Model to be displayed on Device -> Inventory screen
in ZCC
Bug 264024 - Java exception error when doing ZLMMIRROR dry run
Bug 261429 - ZENworks Control Console shows firefox policy enforcer error
on managed device
Bug 264731 - oes-bundle gets created when oes patches are mirrored from
Bug 184539 - RUG command for listing effective policies
Bug 272456 - zlm-upgrade hangs on servers with a high number of log events
Bug 272668 - The ZLM Agent is hanging intermittently
Bug 275453 - Hibernate stops communicating with eDir and events in the
queue are not processed
Bug 275456 - Cannot delete packages from CLI using zlman dp
Bug 273146 - zlman --version shows incorrect version number
Bug 272911 - Policy filter losses rpm package name
Bug 276836 - zmd is confused about which patches it has installed or not
and it displays (and use?) wrong channels
Bug 276839 - rug up -t patch -g recommended does not work in SP1
Bug 276841 - PatchCD does not obsolete old Products
Bug 276842 - zen-installer never finishes resolving dependencies.
Bug 276843 - zmd still showing packages from deleted service
Bug 276846 - zmd: Unknown source type for https://update.novell.com
Bug 276847 - After installation of beta5, the update channel is not
subscribed, but the debuginfo channel is
Bug 276844 - unhandled exception while installing sledp10-liby2util-devel
Bug 276837 - zmd cannot install product correctly
Bug 277541 - Unable to mirror from Dell using proxy and with no system
wide DNS configuration
Bug 276428 - zlm72 on sles9 cannot delete single package matched in filter
Bug 275459 - Magic bundle failing on SLES9SP3 clients
Bug 273300 - ZMD Process when waking up utilizes 100% of the cpu
Bug 279389 - Installation of .tar.gzip or .tar.bzip2 File Bundle fails
Bug 279274 - Java 6u1 bundle removing other Javas on client
Bug 280588 - Setting an rpm to be installed on OES / Red Hat is being
upgraded rather than installed.
Bug 272294 - ZCC shows Policy Enforcer error due to invalid username
Bug 276034 - Packages are not getting deleted with oracle database
Bug 281154 - Unsetting Freshen does not apply in mass

Hot Patch #1 ZLM Server & Client
Bug 239353 - rug up is removing packages including aaa_base