I'm mirroring sles9 updates - and it does put a lot of patch-xxxxx
bundles in the novell/sles-9/ folder.

But it does not create a "sles-9-i586" and a "sles-9-x86_64" bundle -
which AFAIK it should - when Localname is blank.

I'm thinking this MAY be because I did have something written in
<Localname> (which it did create for the i586 edition - but not for the
x86_64 edition) - but now I haven't.

Do I really have to delete all downloaded patch bundles for sles9 for
zlmmirror to create the patch bundle collections for sles-9-i586 and x86_64?

I see no options in the zlmmirror addressing this :(

Any help would be very much appreciated.

p.s. my mirroring of sles-10 works perfectly..