During the spring we had an experimental setup where we pulled updates
with zlmmirror from an RCE mirror (https://update.novell.com/data). Using
zlmmirror slc -c <config-file>
we would get a list with all the different targets for the either SLED
or SLES, depending on whether the deviceid from the config-file was from
an registered SLED or SLES machine.

Fast forward to our current "production" setup, this procedure doesn't
work anymore. For some reason I tried using a NU mirror
(https://nu.novell.com/repo) instead, which seems to work OK, except
that the only target available is the one of the deviceid in question.
We only have three OS and target combinations, so that's not a problem,
but could we have read this somewhere instead of receiving it by
telepathy from Novell, i.e. deducing it ourselves? And are we even right
or is it just another one of those you deviated slightly from the exact
200-only-ever-Novell-tested-steps and something doesn't work unless you
guess which files to delete or reinstall your OS and complete the
procedure doing what the documenation meant but didn't say?

Simon Holm Thgersen

PS. Sorry for the three redundant replies yesterday.