I purchased the Open Workgroup Suite recently and I am having trouble
installing ZENworks. The OES and eDirectory install runs smoothly, but
when I try to install the ZENworks Suite it stalls at the same point each
At the end of step 1 I get the message saying that ZENworks requires a
database. This is the only server so I am installing everything on it. If
I have ZENworks install and setup a local database for me I get a message
saying that an eDirectory datastore has been detected. If I tell ZEN to go
ahead things run fine into step 2 until I see the line 'Successful
restarted OpenSLP'. At that point it hangs indefinitely.
If I select the option to use an existing database it starts asking me for
information about (the eDirectory database install?) that I don't know.
I should mention that I am starting the ZENworks installation with the
Linux Management 7.2 Server disk. I am not sure if this is the disk I
should be starting with. The ZENworks box came with 16 disks.
I have not found any reference to anyone else having this issue so I
suspect I am missing something as this is the first time I have worked
with ZENworks installation.
Any guidance or advice would be greatly appreciated.