Hello I have been tasked with updating our ZLM 6.6.2 server to ZLM 7.1
and update the NLD 9 workstations to SLED 10. I have begun to roll out the
newly updated systems but I have a few questions regarding ZLM 7.1.
First, is there support, or is there going to be support for SLED 10
desktops? I see in the current lists that there is a NLD, and SUSE 9.3 but
nothing for SLED 10. Is there going to be a patch update or other fix for
it, or will it (SLED 10) also use the NLD policies?
Second, do the settings for policy's, updates, etc, work off of only
GNOME, and not KDE? I have been working with another issue of trying to get
the novell login screen to come up upon login, and I have things working
under KDE, but not Gnome, and this will set things back again if I have to
switch desktops again. If anyone knows how to set this up that would be
greatly appreciated as well. There has to be a link in the Gnome session
Manager wherever that might be located. More questions to follow,