Hi all,

I'm new to ZenWorks, so please take it easy on me.
ZDM 7SP1 on Linux, windows XP workstations (SP2)

I'm trying to deploy ZenWorks to manage my enterprise (well if 50 PCs is
an enterprise !), and have ran into the first hurdle - remote management.

So, I've registered the workstation in edirectory using zwsreg, and if
someone logs into the PC it can be remotely managed, even after they
Correction, they don't even have to login, just click on the
tree/server/context button on the Novell Client.

If this isn't done, then I get a 1456 Authentication Error, and the
workstation cannot be managed (if I wait HOURS, then it _may_ be possible
to manage it).

This only happens with the Novell client installed. Without it, all is

I've got SLP configured (OpenSLP on Linux) and slpinfo /a on the
workstation shows 'good things'.

I've searched high and low and no answer to this that works for me !

Seems like the workstation doesn't know where to authenticate or where to

Anyone any idea at all to help this Zen newbie ?


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