According to both Novell Zenworks Desktop Management Admin Guide 6.5 or 7 the following command should accomplish placing an image on the local Zenworks imaging partition:

img makel image.zmg x3 comp=9

However, when running this command we discovered that a 1/3 of the way through this process would fail with an "out of disk space on destination" error. We set the partion size to there obviously was enough room for storing the image.

What we discovered was that this command writes the image to the ram disk rather than the Zenpartiton. Obviously there isn't enough room here for a copy of your c: drive! What we found out is that is was necessary to make a directory (ex. mkdir /zenpart) and mount the zen partion (mount /dev/sda1/zenpart). Finally, running the following creates an image on the zenpartion:

img makel /zenpart/image.zmg x3 comp=9

Hope this helps someone, and I hope in the future the Zenworks documentation could reflect this important detail. I think Zenworks is a great product and will continue to bumble my way through. I just wish the online documentation could be a little more detailed. I can't be the only one out there with VERY limited Linux skills!