I participated in a thread on ENGL's forums concernign their ActiveX
control for reading the ZISD data from within Windows using VBScript. I
asked them if it was OK to use the v1.0 of their ActiveX control with
ZEN 6.5 and ZEN 7.0 (it only listed ZEN 3.x-4.0).

Heath said they plan on releasing a ZEN 6.5/7.0 compatible version in
January 2006, which is good.

I asked him why they needed to release a new version, and he said
something along the lines of with ZEN 7, the ZISD isn't always located
at Sector 6 like it was in older versions of ZEN Imaging. Here is what
he said:

"The current release of ZisdCtrl supports ZISD @ sector 6, with ZENworks
7 ZISD may not necessarily be written at sector 6."

Does anyone have any info on this kind of thing? I am interested in
knowin gwhat some of these changes are and why they were made.

I cannot find anything on Novell's site.