ZfD 7.00 SP1.

We haev seen this on a NetWare 6.5 box and a couple of OES SP3 Linux boxes.

When restoring an image from the server, the initial restore takes the
normal amount of time.

However, when it gets to the point where it says "Flushing Buffers", it
will sit there for 15 or more minutes. We don't see any hard drive
activity during that time.

We first noticed this problem on the admittedly underpowered Netware 6.5
box. We have since brought up a couple of OES Linux boxes and installed
the imaging stuff onto them. Some of them have the buffer flush issue,
one or two do not.

Our old imaging server was running Netware 6.5 with ZfD 7.00 HP3.

So far we have only seen this with ZEN 7.00 SP1.

Anyone have any ideas?

Jeremy Mlazovsky
Senior System Engineer - Enterprise Desktop
UDit-Central Hardware Systems & Network Storage
University of Dayton