The new Dell 745 NICs weren't getting recognized by the 7.00 bootcd.

The gentleman responsible for the site was kind enough
to post an iso for download using the kernel version

This iteration plays nice with the new hardware from dell, but doesn't see
the NICs in the Optiplex gx150s anymore (3c59x.)

Playing around at the prompt it looks like the module *will* load using
modprobe. hmmm...a verbose output shows that the problem is a missing
dependency. Modprobe correctly detects the requirement for the "mii"
module, inserts it, and then inserts the NIC module. ifconfig eth0 up and
dhcpcd results in a usable network config.

Obviously this is wrong, though. How to fix? Is the problem a missing
dependency mapping in the modprobe.conf file in the initrd? If so, how can
this be corrected? Copy the modprobe.conf from a box running in this
ramdisk? If so, how can the initrd be extracted? (It's not recognized as a
gzip archive, and attempts to extract it using cpio result in a number of
### bytes of skipped junk errors.)