We installed Zenworks 7.01 HP2 to fix the issue with the Dell Optiplex 745.
This worked fine and was able to image our laptops

When we attempted to image a 2 year old PC with IDE drives we get the
following errors and a Kernel Panic

Up to this point I do not see any errors messages

<good messages above>

EXT2-FS: Unable to read superblock
MIMIX-FS: Unable to read Superblock
ISOFS_FILL_Super: Bread failed, dev=HD3, ISO_BLKNUM=16, Block=32

Kernel Panic - Not Syncing: VFS = Unable to mount root FS on unknown-block
(9,3) <6> psmouse.c Explorer mouse at ISA 0060/serio1/input0 lost
synchronization, throw 3 bytes away

<end of screen>

Found TID 10095886, but am unsure as to the method to modify the
configuration files.

Any help would be appreciated