I have a big Problem with some Computers with a Asus M4V Mainboard.
ZEN Works 4 does not work with PXE boot, because I have no driver. I compiled a driver and inserted it to the linux.2 Boot image, boot loading the driver fails.

So I tried the boot CD from Zenworks 7.
The same, no NIC driver and no driver for the VIA raid Controller

-> no HDD found.

From the Asus Homepage I have the drivers, but only the NIC driver worked, but not the VIA Raid driver. It seems that it is not poosible to compile the driver with the 2.6.5-244 Kernel.

Than I took the latest boot CD from zenimaging.info with the Kernel.
Booja, the VIA Raid is allready in and seems to work.

But now I have the Problem that the NIC driver won't get compiled with Kernel
The next Problem with this Kernel is that there is no support for the 3Com 3C905-TX NIC, which could be my last chance.

What can I do ?
I have 2 boot CDs. One without a NIC, the other without a HDD.

Has anyone any idea, or an advice or something for me to get the Hardware from the Asus M4V working with ZENworks in any Version ?
Maybe other drivers for the Attansic NIC or the VIA Raid chip than the ones from the Asus Homepage.

Please, it took allready a week and a lot of compiling numbers of differnt Kernel Versions and testing and testing but nothings is working the way I want.