Hi all,

I want to install SUSE 10 with ZLM 7 through PXE.

I made network NFS install point:

NFS share: /shared
SUSE 10 install point location: NFS:/shared/suse10

created folder suse10 under /srv/tftp
copied linux (kernel) and initrd (ram disk) from SUSE 10 to this folder.
created autoyast file suse10.xml from working SUSE 10 workstation and placed
to /shared/suse10

ZLM Configuration

1. Created Preboot bundle suse10-install with the next config:

Linux Kernel File: suse10/linux
Initial RAM Drive: suse10/initrd

AutoYaST Script name and path (Relative to protocol default directory):

Additional Kernel Parameters: splash=0

Install Directory:

2. Configuration->Preboot Services:

created one rule with MAC-address of Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600 Laptop (80GB
hard drive, 512M RAM)


I can mount NFS share and see all files.
I can boot from cd1 and run NFS install.

When I boot with PXE:

- kernel loads
- ram disk is created
- all drivers are loaded
- yast tries to start

I get the message: please suply config file
System tries to switch to graphics mode and reboots.

Any ideas?

I attach my control file