I'm having a problem configuring traps for windows servers.
We have installed zen 7 server management in a mixed Netware / Windows
environment. ZEN is running on a Novell OES cluster. Everything seems to
be running fine. Nodes are discovered and can be edited. However, when we
select a windows node, then select say "devices", right click that, and
choose actions -> trap configurations we only get Netware traps.
There is only one profile visible, and when we try to add another profile,
the only thing we can add are Netware traps.
Windows and Dell open manage MIB's are compiled and are visible if we look
ate the site configuration.
So how can we set Windows traps on windows nodes then ?
I'm sure there is a simple solution for this, but I can's see it at the
Any help is very much appreciated.

thanks in advance,

Ren Voortwist