Hi all again!

Have a network with nearly 60 Cisco Switches of different types at one
(ZfS Management) Site. After some weeks and a lot of discovery cycles they
are all discovred by ZfS. But there are two issues i'm unable to resolve:

1. Some of the switches are discovred correctly as "switch devices" - i
can view them with the db object editor, looking for connected MAC
addresses and something like that.
But i'm not able to "Probe manageability" - get the message, that the
device is unreachable or community strings are wrong... i'm able to ping
the device and use a third party SNMP test utility to check the community
strings and everything looks fine. The switches are from the Cisco
Catalyst 29xx and 49xx series.

2. A lot of the Switches are discovered as "IP devices" with only one
interface. Here i can use "Probe manageability" - everything OK but i'm
not able to define the device type "Switch" by adding more interfaces
(click the ok button in the db editor 100 times - nothing happens). In
this case most of the Cisco 35xx devices are affected.

Typicaly some of all the switches are directly connected to a core switch,
others are cascaded. Any ideas? Realy one LANalyzer behind any cascaded
switch? What else?

Thank you all...