We have ZfD running on one server for approx. 600 users (Sybase db on
NetWare 6.5).
We use it for; WS registration, WS Inventory, Application Mgmt, NAL
database, Imaging)

I have a mixture of Microsoft Windows and Novell NetWare servers.
30 Microsoft Windows servers (2000 and 2003)
10 Novell NetWare servers (NW 5.1 SP7 and NW 6.5 SP3)

Q1: Is it feasable to have the ZfS backend running on the same server that
hosts the ZfD backend ?

We are trying to find a way to monitor all server for disk usage. Ideally
we want to get a view/report of all servers (regardless of Novell or
Microsoft) to see where each disk is at with regards to available space and
also see historical trends for disk usage.

Q2: Can ZfS do this for us? We are licensed to use it but so far we've
only implemented the ZfD 6.5.2 and are quite please with the results.

Q3: Also, since we are licensed to use the latest ZfD and ZfS, any reason
to implement ZfS 7 instead of ZfS 6.5? We know that ZfD 7 is pretty much
the same as ZfD 6.5.2 so we've decided to hold back on this upgrade. If we
move forward with ZfS, I'm guessing that sticking with same version being
used with ZfD is a good idea?

Thanks for any answers!