I have recently put in ZEN 7 Server Management agents on a server and I
cannot view the volume useage info.

The server is NetWare 6.5 - CPR Release, Service Pack 3
The ZEN agents are version 7, and using console one 1.3.6e

I can get other volume info like open files, summary, but can't get
volume useage or trend info.

I have supervisor rights to the tree
I have mapped a drive to the server
I have checked community strings on the server - all ok
I have checked community strings on the site object in Console One - all
I am using Global SNMP settings in Console one
I have tried using global and custom authentication settings on the
server object
I have tried using NetWare NCP authentication

When looking at the trend graph by selecting the server name object, I
can see CPU, Cache Buffers, and File Cache hits trend graph, but when
looking at the trend graph on the volume object (services, file, volumes,
volume object), I get no trend graph.

What's really weird is that when displaying a trend graph by server
object/services/file/volumes, I get all the trend information for all the
volumes on the server. When I go one level deeper and try to display the
trend info for one particulat volume, I get nothing!

Anyway, the trend info is not my main concern, but it seems likely to be
linked. What I really need is the volume useage info!

Any ideas??