Hello: I am a newbie to ZfS but have tons of experience
with ZfD since version 2. I am just getting started with
ZfS and completed the installation. We have three subnets,
one for each office location. I have installed a main ZfS
server in each location and therefore each is a different
"ZfS Sites".

The first thing off I see is that switches are showing up in
the wrong site (e.g. switch is showing up in the
site for subnet At first I thought maybe the
switch was somehow miss-named, but on inspection that is not
the case. I can view the connections to the switch and they
are for workstations in the other subnet as well.

Now, I guess I need some help here. I plan on doing lots of
reading on the subject tonight, but I am curious about this.
It seems very odd to me.

Thanks for the help, Chris.