Server was running ZFS3.0.2, this was uninstalled as per novell
documentation and ZFS7 installed.

All working fine but no Atlas object in console one, RBS looks fine and so
are snapins. Found sloader is failing to load... here is log:

[7/10/06 17:52:46.135] Service Manager: Initializing 'sloader'...
[7/10/06 17:52:46.483] Service Manager: Autoloading boot services
[7/10/06 17:52:46.483] Service Manager: No boot services defined
[7/10/06 17:52:46.591] Service Manager: Registering name
[7/10/06 17:52:46.595] Service Manager: Autoloading system services
[7/10/06 17:52:46.674] Service Manager: Attempting to load
class 'com.novell.utility.jvm.JVMStatus'
[7/10/06 17:52:46.677] Service Manager: start(ServiceDataAccessor, String
[]) not found in 'com.novell.utility.jvm.JVMStatus'
[7/10/06 17:52:46.686] JVMStatus: Starting JVMStatus
[7/10/06 17:52:46.900] JVMStatus: Starting service Memory manager
[7/10/06 17:52:46.911] JVMStatus: Started Memory manager
[7/10/06 17:52:46.915] Service Manager: Service 'JVM Status', started
[7/10/06 17:52:46.915] Service Manager: Successfully autoloaded service,
JVM Status
[7/10/06 17:52:46.916] Service Manager: Attempting to load
class 'com.novell.managewise.rbs.MwNdsLogin'
[7/10/06 17:52:46.920] JVMStatus: Loop JVMStatus
[7/10/06 17:52:47.015] Role-based Services: Unable to find native library
[7/10/06 17:52:47.035] Role-based Services: Unable to get information
from the Configuration File .... Exiting

So obviously its never reaching the sloader.properties file, where the
last line is should be the tree name / user account / etc.

Any ideas?