Hello: Still getting my feet wet with ZfS7. I have setup
three ZfS management servers, one each in our three offices.
Each server has netexplorer setup to search it's local
subnet. However, when I first started out I had setup the
first management server to search all three subnets. This
has now been fixed.

However, I now have artifacts from this first setup. This
is a bit hard for me to describe so be patient. IN C1 there
is an object called ZfS_Sites. Under it are my three
service locators, one for each office subnet. Under these
is Atlas and under that you find the router in each office.

My problem is the first server I setup search all three
subnets and now therefore lists all three routers. I really
only want to show the local router and therefore need to
remove the other two. I just cannot figure out how to
remove these extraneous objects.

Can you help me out?? Chris.