Hello all: I am having a problem working with MIBs provided
by HP for our Proliant servers. The EXACT issue is
described in this TID: 10063349. Basically, I can compile
the MIBs provided just fine, but they do not show up in the
Alarm Disposition Table.

The work around described in the TID is to alter the MIBs
prior to compilation to rectify a duplication issue.
However, when I went to do this I found out that the new
MIBs HP supplies have been altered to remove the duplication

I have been successful in compiling a MIB provided by APC
for their UPSs, so I know it can be done. I still suspect a
problem with HP's MIBs, but it is not the duplication

Thanks for all the help, in the past and future, Chris.