I remember in ManageWise way back when that while viewing the received
alerts in real-time I could see some alerts come up that I could not
interpret because I did not have the correct MIB compiled. Basically I
would get only the OID, which would point me in the right direction to get
the MIB...

Is there any similar function in ZSM 7 MMS, or any other third-party tool
that I can use to see all the traps I get, so I can gather and compile the
correct MIBs in MMS? I am managing a 36,000 node network with over 900
servers and who knows how many networking devices, and our network
operations centre has just started forwarding all the traps to MMS, but
I'm not sure that I'm seeing them all because I don't know if I have all
the MIBs compiled in MMS...