I'm putting together a package to install Dell OpenManage agents on my NW
6.5 servers.

I have made 2 components:

Component 1:
1. Stop the existing agents
2. Uninstall the existing agents
3. Copy the installation files to a temp directory
4. Replace the start/stop NCFs with new ones
5. Delete the old Dell directories
6. Install the new agents (a post install action calling a Dell NCF silent

Component 2:
1. Modify the AUTOEXEC.NCF load order
2. Delete the temp install directory
3. Restart the server

The problem is that component 2 runs while the silent install of the
agents (Setp 6, Component 1) is running.

I have tried having component 2 have a requirement that the PRODUCTS.DAT
must have the entry for the new agents, but as it runs while the silent
install is running, the enrty is not there, therefore component 2 does not

How can I make component 2 execute after the silent install in component 1
has finished?