Hello all: We are in the process of moving to IE7 (for
improved security even though we use Firefox). I have built
a new image of our XP sp2 workstation and properly
sysprep'ed it. BTW, I have done XP imaging for 4 years so
this is not new to me.

So, when I push down the new image, the system installation
proceeds without issue. Good. However, upon inspection I
end up with two user profiles left for Administrator. If I
go in the delete these old corrupt profiles problem solved,
but I do not have the time to babysit each imaged
workstation to remove these old profiles. I assume the
profiles are not being properly deleted during the post
imaging work. Also, it seems that when a use logs in to a
reimaged workstation for the first time, their profile
somehow left open and not deleted as set in ZfD7.

Anyone run into this issue? As always, all help is greatly
appreciated, Chris.