We are trying to collect trending information on our volume utilization by
using the advanced trending agent. For starters we activated the samples
in the advtrend.ini that were provided by the ATA installation. Reviewing
the logs and trying to interpret them, the agent does collect the data.
Also we checked on the MIB variables
"UsrHistoryObjectTable.usrHistoryObjectEntry.usrHi storyObjectVariable" as
well as Novell's extended table to find all trending data right in place.
So regarding the ATA configuration everything seems to be fine. We can
even see the field for the sample counter incrementing.
But when creating a new view the graph does not show any data. There is no
error message in the status bar, the graph windows seems to refresh
periodically, but there is nothing to see but the black background.
Selecting the legend does show that the desired mib variable should be
drawn with a red line. Selecting a different mib variable results in an
error because that variable was not trended by the agent, so we think the
configuration is correct so far.
We are using ZfS7SP1 including the lately released hotfix 4 on NW6.5
servers. Any recommendations?