I've recently completed an install of ZfS MMS and I'm trying to
configure a rule for email alerts, but I can't seem to get the email to
generate. I can generate a trap with no problems, and it will show up
the the active alert log. In my rule, I've got it set to trigger on
Critical and Major events, and the specific trap that I am generating.
Source address is set for the specific server I am generating the trap
on and there are no time intervals set.

Under Actions, Enable is checked, I've got SMTP configured to our SMTP
server, From has my name, To has my email address, and I filled in text
for Subject and Message Body.

So what am I missing here? Recently, I've noticed that the trap I
generate isnt showing up in the active alarms list, but I see it show up
on the Ticker. Any reason why it wouldnt show up as an active alarm? I
dont have any filters active...