I'm having a problem with server packages being redistributed.

I've got a package set up to install service packs on the server (SP5 in
this case, but the issue's been the same with previous ones). I set up the
package, refresh the distributer, the application goes out to the
subscriber, and gets installed, which is fine.

The problem is, that every so often, the package gets redistributed onto the
servers in the channel - almost like there's a maximum revisions option,
like there is for the desktop applications. This is a real pain, as, of
course, when the distribution is ran on the subscriber, it installs the SP,
which obviously closes down applications and reboots the server.

In the past, once I've done an SP upgrade, I usually remove the channel from
the distribution, but sometimes it gets forgotten about, and of course, when
it does, it's on a user server, and they get a little upset about it.

Is there any way to stop the distribution from being rebuild and re-ran? Or
is removing the channels the only way?