I am encountering an issue, where it seems that the only place you can
specify the SOURCE_PATH variable for a ZFD app distribution is via the TED

Whenever I try and specify an application specific SOURCE_PATH (i.e. on the
golden app) I get the following error reported in the dist TED.LOG:

'the source path %SOURCE_PATH% is invalid. Make sure the "SOURCE_PATH"
variable value is defined in the Tiered Electronic Distribution policy, and
that the policy is associated with the Distributor objects parent container.'

I understand that you can reference subscriber specific variables to set
the destination folder and substructure within the distribution object, but
cannot seem to set an application specific SOURCE_PATH on either the app or
distribution object - it just wants to use the policy based value, which
can only be set once for the distributor...

Is it not possible to set an application/distribution specific value? And
if not, how does the transfer of Common->File System Rights work?

I'm sure I must be doing something wrong/approaching this the wrong way!
Please help if you can!

Many thanks